Olympia Storage Units

Storage-Units-Olympia-WAIf you are moving from your current location to another one, you will probably have to store some of your items in temporary storage. You should can make use of storage facilities to make the move go smoother.

I-5 Mini Storage offers high quality self-storage units for Olympia, WA residents. Being a reliable and reputable company, we offer self-storage units for the following:

  • Personal use
  • Business purposes
  • Temporary storage
  • Commercial purposes

You can choose from a variety of self-storage units ranging from small and medium to large. We also offer portable ones as well. Our storage facilities are conveniently located and have easy drive up facilities. Even large trucks and hauls can turn around within the facility quite easily.

Olympia Self Storage Units

Self-Storage-Units-Olympia-WAA convenient location is the first thing that you would want to have in self-storage units. If you have units that are conveniently located then you can easily access all your stored belongings, whether to pick something up or to take the time to sort through your possessions.

We have been offering self-storage units near Olympia for a long time. Our self-storage units have the following features:

  • Clean
  • Secure
  • Conveniently located
  • Several unit sizes available

If you do not know the size you need, we are able to help you. With our years of experience, we will be bale to assertain the size you need based on factors such as house size, type of items to be stored, and the use of the storage unit.

Olympia Storage Facilities

Storage-Facilities-Olympia-WAThere might be several companies offering storage facilities in and around Olympia. However, to ensure that your goods and products are safe and secure, you must be sure to select the right storage facility for your needs.

To be able to find the best company providing the right storage units, you should consider the following factors:

  • Range of units available
  • Large turn around for trucks

You should choose us for your storage facility needs in Olympia we offer all this and more. We will be happy to work with you and your budget to find exactly the unit you need to protect your valuables for as long as you need.

If you have a need for storage facilities and you want them conveniently located near Olympia, call I-5 Mini Storage at (360) 262-6241. We are here to help you.