Vancouver Shipping Containers for Sale

Shipping-Containers-for-Sale-Vancouver-WAMobile or portable storage solutions are ideal for those that are looking for temporary or time–sensitive product storage. 1–5 Mini Storage offers shipping containers for sale in Vancouver, WA.

As a reliable and established company offering shipping containers for sale, we provide many types of containers, including:

  • Used containers
  • Small storage units
  • Medium units
  • Large units
  • Portable on–site storage units

If you are concerned about how much shipping containers cost, then let us assure you that they are quite affordable. You can compare the prices of our shipping containers for sale in Vancouver with other suppliers and see that you are getting the best deal.

Vancouver Cargo Container Rental

Cargo-Container-Rental-Vancouver-WACargo container rentals may be used for many purposes, varying from person to person and from company to company. We provide a vast range of different–sized cargo container rentals in Vancouver, which can be used for:

  • Temporary on–site storage
  • Moving from one place to another
  • Car parking
  • Commercial purposes

If you are not sure whether your neighbors or municipalities will let you place a 40 ft storage container rental in your area, first confirm with the authorities or opt for a smaller cargo container rental.

Vancouver Container Rental

Container-Rental-Vancouver-WAThere is no denying the fact that shipping containers for sale are one of the most ideal solutions for temporary storage or even as permanent storage if you are permitted to park the container somewhere. However, to get the best deal, you need to find the best cargo container rental company in Vancouver.

You can choose us for any requirements of container rentals as we have:

  • The best quality containers
  • Affordable prices
  • Different sized containers
  • High quality customer service

When you choose us for shipping containers for sale or for cargo container rentals, we ensure that you will get the best customer service. You can give us your requirements and we will guarantee that the containers are delivered at the location specified.

All our containers are checked for safety and security. If you are living in an area (or want the container somewhere) where there could be a problem putting the container, you must get confirmation from the authorities that you can place the container there.

Feel free to contact 1–5 Mini Storage at (360) 262–6241 if you need any containers in Vancouver.

We offer shipping container options for residential, commercial, retail and industrial use: