Astoria Portable Shipping Storage Container

Portable-Shipping-Storage-Container-Astoria-ORPortable storage units are ideal for temporary storage both for residents and business owners. If you are looking for such storage units, we can help. 1–5 Mini Storage offers high quality portable shipping storage containers in Astoria, OR.

As an established and experienced company, we offer portable shipping storage containers that are:

  • Sturdy
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Convenient

You can call to learn more about our portable storage containers for moving or for other uses. Our portable shipping storage containers are better than PODS rentals in many ways, which is why we encourage our customers to do research before making a choice.

Astoria Portable Storage

Portable-Storage-Astoria-ORCompared to the traditional or more conventional methods of storage, portable storage units offer more benefits. We offer a large variety of portable storage units in Astoria, the benefits of which are that they:

  • Can be used for residential and commercial purposes
  • Serve as temporary shelter
  • Provide public storage utility
  • Can be used as portable garages

Whatever your requirement, you can rely on us for the delivery of high quality portable shipping storage containers in Astoria. You can get portable storage units customized based on your needs.

Astoria Pod Rental

Pod-Rental-Astoria-ORPODS rentals portable on–demand storage units are another way to gain temporary storage or shelter. When compared to our portable shipping storage containers, PODS rentals are lighter in weight and do not offer as much security as our units.

You should opt for portable shipping storage containers instead of PODS rentals in Astoria because our units:

  • Are heavier and more secure
  • Can be customized
  • Are made of reinforced steel
  • Are eco friendly
  • Are affordable

The PODS rental rates are higher when compared to the cost of our portable shipping storage containers. This is the reason most business owners choose our units when looking for temporary shelter for their inventory. We can provide high quality storage units as and when required.

You need not worry about the cost, quality, or any safety feature of our storage units as we take care to check and inspect it properly before delivering them to our clients.

If you have any need for portable storage units in Astoria, feel free to contact 1– 5 Mini Storage at (360) 262-6241. Our representatives will further assist and guide you according to your container requirements.

We offer portable storage options for residential, commercial, retail and industrial use: