24x7 Security

Security is our top priority, it starts with providing every customer with a free high security disk lock, and backed up with our electronic key pad entry gate, and video security cameras,  an abundance of nightly lighting and high visibility from the overpass adds additional security.


Free High Security Lock with Each Unit

Why Disk Locks are Safer

These tough and enduring little circular locks have become a staple of mini storagelock properties, who want to provide advanced security features to their concerned tenants. Whereas regular padlocks leave your storage unit vulnerable to bolt cutter attacks. Bolt cutters are like giant scissors that make very short work of the standard curved bolt found in most normal padlocks.

Chateau circular disc locks make this sort of thing very hard to do. You just can’t cut them using regular bolt cutters. I’ve tried. It’s not pleasant for the person trying to get through the lock. The reason you can’t use standard bolt cutters to open a circular disc lock is that only a small portion of the bolt is exposed in the first place, and it is extremely hardened, compared to normal padlocks. There’s not only much room for your bolt cutters to get a grip on the disc lock but there’s simply not much they can do even when you do have them right on the money.